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The Ramona School community believes that the first requirement of a quality education is to establish a safe and orderly learning environment.  A school-wide uniform policy is implemented for all students attending Ramona School.  The policy seeks to minimize the disruptions and distractions that can be caused by inappropriate attire.  The policy is designed to foster a safe, orderly and positive learning environment for all students.

Ramona School’s uniform consists of:

  • Shirts
  • Collared shirts
  • Long-sleeve or short-sleeve
  • Solid white, solid navy blue or solid light blue
  • School spirit shirts may be worn in lieu of a collared shirt
  • All shirts must be an appropriate size (no more than one size larger or one size smaller)


  • Light blue or navy blue


  • Must be khaki or navy blue
  • Blue denim pants or shorts are NOT allowed
  • Navy jumpers

Parents/guardians are not required to purchase these items at any particular store or shop.  These items are available at a variety of stores and shops throughout the area.  Spirit wear items can be purchased during various times of the year at the school. 

Waiver Policy

We hope that all students will support and participate in the uniform policy.  However, parents/guardians desiring to seek a waiver may contact the school principal.


Families experiencing financial hardship who cannot afford a uniform should contact the school principal.